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Barbara Jean Hall

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FAITHFUL DEFENDERS reclaims the "good news" about Christianity and reproductive rights.


Barb is a storyteller with a heart and eye for the importance and relevance of a subject or person and a unique approach and skill to sharing and impacting those who watch one of her productions.

Barb’s credits span over a 20+ year career of partnering include Executive Producer, Producer and Director on feature documentaries, series, specials, and concerts. As a Producer she is skilled at the role of oversight of the big picture, the small details and the experience to build and manage a production team.  As a director she is passionate about authentic storytelling believing that true stories are the most captivating.  Her corporate experience at her company – TH Entertainment, LLC – has provided her many opportunities in the role of Executive Producer to collaborate with many leading Producers, Production Companies and Networks worldwide.

The recent political, cultural and legal shifts in America with the overturning of Roe v. Wade provided the impetus for the development and need for FAITHFUL DEFENDERS, compelling Barb to find a way to tell the stories of faithful Christians who don’t share the same opinions as those who have co-opted the narrative on abortion and whose perspectives have been sidelined. Authentic documentary films have the power to challenge attitudes and open/reshape the conversation to reflect the views of so many that have been relegated to the sidelines. As an active member of the faith community, an experienced filmmaker who has spoken with audiences, and most importantly a mom of 2 daughters, she is well equipped to address this issue with grace, conviction, fairness and boldness and help set a table where all voices can be heard.